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2 years

17,000 students Educated
1 Law Serving 1 million students

Immeasurable Impact

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Mental health education is a necessity


A recent study shows that 1 in 6 children have a treatable mental health condition, yet studies show that the average delay in treatment after the first onset symptoms appear is 11 years! Providing mental health education can allow students to recognize symptoms in themselves and others so they are able to seek help earlier.

Beyond Charity aims to reduce the stigma around mental health through educational presentations and legislation.
Why Us? 

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  • All presenters have a personal experience with a mental illness and use their own relatable stories in the presentation

  • We are peer-led which creates a sense of trust and a unique connection with our young audience since we were in their shoes only a couple of years ago 

  • Our services are free of cost! We educate others to reduce the stigma around mental health!

What Parents and Students have to say

I thought this presentation was very well organized and neat. I liked how each slide focused on each mental health issue and also gave multiple ways to help. I liked that the high school presenters had first-hand accounts with mental health, and were able to answer questions more accurately.

- Student

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