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About the Presentations

Our presentations are 30-45 minutes long and encompass a variety of different topics. The presentation revolves around explaining what mental health is, why it is important, common mental illness, coping strategies, resources, and what students can do to promote mental health awareness. All presentations can be modified. If you, as a teacher or coach, want the presentation to circle around a specific topic we can work with you!! All of our presentations also include personal stories about our battle, as teenagers, with mental illness. We discuss when we started noticing symptoms, our journey in which we were able to reach out for help, and how we improved ourselves to reach the point we are at today. We would love to work with you educate others on mental health!!


Who presents? 

        The Beyond Charity Team!! We are a peer-led nonprofit organization, so we as teens present to other adolescents. 

Who looks over the presentations? 

        Our Board of Directors looks at the presentations. Many are licensed practitioners and they make sure all our content            is accurate and presented correctly. 

How long are the presentations? 

        They can range from 30-45 minutes depending on what content you would like us to cover.

Can I make changes to the presentation? 

        Yes! We are here to work with you and can make any and all changes necessary to the presentation to suit your needs.

What is the timeline for a presentation? 

        You can reach out to us at anytime to schedule a presentation! We will meet with you one to two weeks before the                presentation to cover what topics you want us to present on. Then we can send you the presentation for further edits.            Finally, we present!!

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