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    Starr Coalition

The Starr Coalition hopes to create meaningful change by increasing communication, partnerships, and goodwill among stakeholders in the areas of treatment, advocacy, and clinical research with emphasis on community and advocacy engagement, stigma reduction, and ensuring that clinical research is widely recognized as a trusted care option.

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Psych Hub

Psych Hub was created to address the desperate need for quality and engaging online education on mental health. In the midst of a global mental health and addiction crisis, everyone can play a role to play in combating this debilitating situation. Education is the first step and the foundational key to effective change.

With options for every audience, Psych Hub has the world’s largest online platform of courses and videos on these issues.

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Illinois Children's Mental Health Partnership

The Illinois Children’s Mental Health Partnership (ICMHP) is the only statewide, public/private partnership of policymakers and advocates in Illinois committed to improving the scope, quality, and access of mental health programs, services, and supports for youth and their families.

ICMHP takes a broad look at children’s mental health by using a public health approach. We know that a comprehensive children’s mental health system must be built on a foundation of quality prevention, promotion, early intervention/identification, and treatment services and supports.

Kennedy Forum Illinois

The Kennedy Forum hope for a future where all persons are treated with dignity and people can receive the person-centered mental and physical care and people can get the support they need to thrive and achieve their goals; with a health system that fully recognizes that the brain is part of the body.

The Kennedy Forum's mission is to end stigma and discrimination against people with mental health and addiction challenges. Our aim is not just to change the conversation, but to change the system.

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   Robbie's Hope 

Robbie’s Hope Foundation was established to remove the stigma surrounding teen depression and teen suicide.  The Foundation is focused on providing the tools and resources to enable Student Lead Activism through small group meetings, targeted financial support to highly efficient and effective organizations that specialize in providing therapy to teens, and by integrating mental health into a mandated Health Education curriculum in K-12 schools.  

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