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We are a peer-led organization based in Chicago, Illinois and our goal is to use our peer to peer model to educate others on mental health. While we have only been an organization for 1 year, we have already presented to 6000 students! We have received great reviews as 97% of students would recommend our presentation to their peers! We feel that we are more impactful as we use our own lived-in mental health experiences in our presentations. These experiences illustrate how mental health can affect students today and how students like our audience members are currently coping with it.

We are raising money to help fund our efforts to educate, empower, and support communities across the nation. The money raised here will help us meet our goal of reaching 20,000 students this year! Every dollar donated is a life touched. These donations will help a child feel like they are not alone, but instead supported and loved. Donating any amount will have a large impact on our organization. We are truly grateful for all donations we receive as it all goes towards our heartfelt goal of educating children on the topic of mental health!

Thank you, 

Beyond Charity Team 

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