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Kelsey Dovico

Executive Director of Hazel Park Community Coalition

Kelsey Dovico, BA CFLE-P RYT designs and facilitates substance abuse prevention, socioemotional learning, and mental health advocacy programs for teens and families as the Executive Director of the Hazel Park Community Coalition. Last year, she lived and worked among the marginalized gitano community in Madrid, Spain as a Fulbright scholar. Kelsey holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Psychology from Western Michigan University and is also a Certified Family Life Educator and Registered Yoga Teacher. Like many on the Beyond Charity team, Kelsey has personal experience with life-long mental health challenges. As a child, teenager, and young adult who suffered great anguish in silence, Kelsey is fiercely passionate about destigmatizing and building awareness around mental health challenges in young people. 

Sarah Lagan

Research Assistant 

Sarah Lagan is a research assistant at the Division of Digital Psychiatry in Boston, Massachusetts, where her research focuses on exploring how technology can improve the quality and accessibility of mental healthcare. She is passionate about mental health education and the promotion of evidence-based coping strategies and policies to advance mental health. 


Sarah Forsythe

Mental Performance Coach 

Sarah specializes in high performance mindset training.

Her viewpoint is that as humans, we perform in every aspect of life. She helps individuals redefine what it means to perform and how to become confident in that performance.

She works with a wide range of personas from corporate leaders to high achieving athletes, helping them to overcome their barriers and accomplish goals.

Gauri Goswami

Child and Family Therapist

Gauri Goswami is a Child and Family Therapist with extensive experience providing therapy to children, adolescents, and families in school, home and clinic settings. Her specialties include anxiety, trauma, family conflict, grief and loss, adjustment to life
transitions as well as helping those struggling with relationships and social skills.  She has worked worked with families on processing early childhood trauma and building attachment. Gauri has worked as an outpatient therapist for a community-based mental health agency, providing both in-office and community-based therapy services to children and families. She has also worked in schools and in the
foster care system. Gauri received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She earned her Master of Social Work degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago with a concentration in Community Health and Urban Development.


Rashadah Jordan PA-C, CAQ Psychiatry

Physician Assistant Psychiatry 

Rashadah Jordan is a board-certified physician assistant practicing in psychiatry outpatient in Virginia. Rashadah is originally from Newark, NJ. She has completed all of her education in South Carolina. Rashadah is passionate about mental health, educating the community about mental illness, and advocating for minorities. Rashadah Jordan is passionate about removing the stigma regarding mental health and reviving the importance of taking care of your mental health. "As the mind is, the body follows" is a quote she often uses to communicate the importance to patients.

More information coming soon!

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