How the idea started

When I was in junior high I started exhibiting symptoms of anxiety and depression. I never put the pieces of the puzzle together and realized what I was going through. Instead, I suppressed my feelings and never sought out for help. Even in my classes, there was not much education on mental health and coping strategies that are help manage common symptoms of stress. As I continued through high school I finally got the help I needed as I was able to recognize that I was going through a serious mental illness. 

I created this nonprofit to help educate teenagers about mental health.  Generation Z  has the most cases of mental illness than any other generation. I want to help educate others so they know what to look out for and are able to get help for themselves and others. In addition to this, while some classes may briefly touch on mental illness, most times they do not address coping strategies. Identifying your symptoms is half the battle, but also having the tools to cope with your symptoms is necessary. In today's times many people feel stressed and burnt out at a young age, and understanding how to cope with those emotions is a necessity. Our goal with Beyond Charity is to educate others on mental health and coping strategies so they are able to recognize the signs and symptoms of a mental illness. 

- Aparna Ramakrishnan 

Founder of Beyond Charity


The Beyond Charity, an official nonprofit organization incorporated by the State of Illinois 


We educate teenagers about mental health and coping strategies


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For schools, the auditorium would be best. Otherwise, on zoom or anywhere convenient. 


We use our own experiences as well as resources from each specific school


Because after my own experiences I want to make sure others are educated and armed to be able to battle stress and mental illness

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