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How the idea started

I sat their worried about what would happen next, would these coping strategies be helpful? Would I finally find something to stop my worry? No. It failed. I slumped in my chair feeling hopeless, what am I going to do? This is the 7 coping strategy this month that failed me. I sit quietly, trying to calm myself down to finish this test. I go about my day keeping a smile on my face, innocently assuming everyone feels this way, when in reality I was an iceberg and there was lots beneath the surface. 

After struggling to cope with my emotions, worry, and sadness I finally sought help. I received my diagnosis, of depression and anxiety. Reflecting on my diagnosis and journey, I slowly came to the realization that had I been educated, had I seen someone like me explain their story, maybe, just maybe, I would have reached out for help sooner. A yearning to make sure that no-one will have to go through the same struggles I did. I talked to professors, doctors, counselor, and social workers and the common theme I heard throughout was peer-led movement. Students are more likely to listen to their peers, and by sharing our mental health stories we are destigmatizing mental health making it more accessible. 

Everyone on our team has gone through their own difficulties, and has made the commitment to change the world around them. Mental health should be an open conversation centered around understanding and support, which is what Beyond Charity provides. We hope you know that our goal is heartfelt and genuine, we want to make impactful change, so that no-one has to suffer. 

- Aparna Ramakrishnan 

Founder of Beyond Charity


The Beyond Charity, an official nonprofit organization incorporated by the State of Illinois 


We educate teenagers about mental health and coping strategies


Any time you want! Contact us to schedule


For schools, the auditorium would be best. Otherwise, on zoom or anywhere convenient. 


We use our own experiences as well as resources from each specific school


Because after my own experiences I want to make sure others are educated and armed to be able to battle stress and mental illness

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